Reducing single-use plastic at Canary Wharf was the highest voted for issue at the 2017 World Environment Day, when stakeholders were asked what they wanted to see Canary Wharf tackle. As a direct response to this stakeholder feedback, Canary Wharf are launching a targeted 12 month 'single-use plastic' reduction and behavioural change campaign, to build not only a stronger stakeholder proposition, but to lead the group strategy: MAKING SUSTAINABILITY REAL.


Plastic is in the headlines. And despite many organisations under pressure to become completely plastic-free, we must recognise that some plastic will always be necessary and/or useful. So the smart way to challenge this is to look at how we can cut down on unnecessary plastic, and then dealing with it in more intelligent ways such as effective recycling, incentives, and consumer behaviour change.


The first step in the 'Breaking The Plastic Habit' campaign was a single-use plastic audit across all stakeholders, establishing a baseline position with exactly what plastic is used and why, and what opportunities we have to make a lasting impact. 


  • Understand what drives retail & building tenant's behaviour around single-use plastic

  • Focus on single-use plastics and type/volumes by retail and building tenant

  • Consumer plastic behavioural habits understood

  • Use results to inform decision making and identify target areas

  • Highlight key barriers to success of potential projects


The audit results have been published in this detailed white paper report. The results of the report will shape the 'Breaking the Plastic Habit' campaign, and by understanding the behaviours and expectations of Canary Wharf's stakeholders, guide the development of the strategy across the 12 months.


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