Canary Wharf celebrates #RecycleWeek

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Our Breaking The Plastic Habit programme specifically targets avoidable single-use plastic items, and aims to influence a continuing positive behavioural change amongst Canary Wharf stakeholders.

Whilst many of our initiatives have focused on reducing the volume of plastic used on the Estate, we recognise that it is equally as important to ensure that the plastic that is still used, is disposed of and recycled efficiently and correctly.

This Recycle Week, we are celebrating the fact that we send zero waste to landfill, and the ways in which the Canary Wharf community continues to collectively drive recycling rates and behaviour. 

See below ways in which you can get involved across the Estate:

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In January 2018 we partnered with Helpful, the creators of the world’s first plastic recycling and rewarding app which aims to simplify and incentivise reuse and recycling for consumers. Via the app, users can find out where they can recycle items such as coffee cups and plastic bottles, and earn rewards every time they do so (as well as rewarding for reuse).

The app has been downloaded more than 20,000 times and has so far resulted in almost 7000 items being recycled on the Estate.

Find out more, and download the new and improved app here

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Our #WakeUpAndSmellTheCoffee initiative was launched in February 2017, in response to the large volume of single-use cups used daily across the Estate, which are notoriously difficult to recycle.

By using our designated bins located throughout the retail malls, you have allowed us to collect and segregate used cups (and lids), which are then taken to a specialist facility and recycled into new products. To date, an incredible 5m cups have been recycled!

We also collect used coffee grounds from our retailers, which are sent to BioBean who turn them into biofuel.

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As part of our efforts to drive down use of single-use plastics on the Estate, last year we installed seven free water refill stations which have eliminated over 180,000 plastic bottles to date:

Click here to find out where our water refill stations are located

When it’s not possible to avoid a single-use bottle, you can use our deposit return vending machine in Canada Place (the first of its kind in the UK) and earn a voucher for News on the Wharf for every bottle/can recycled.

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Wharf Kitchen (located in Jubilee Place) is entirely free of single-use plastic – all of the disposable food service items used by our food vendors are entirely compostable, and a designated compostable waste stream was installed at Canary Wharf to ensure these items are segregated and transported to a specialist facility where they are composted.


We installed a seabin in our middle dock, which intuitively moves up and down with the water level, cleaning the waterways by capturing plastic and other waste which is then sorted for recycling!

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