Eliminating Single Use Plastic at Canary Wharf - Making Sustainability Real


Single-use plastic items used within the food-to-go market now make up one in five pieces of litter. Research by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), showed there is now an average of 138 pieces of food and drink-related waste found on every 100 metres of UK beaches.






We recently launched Wharf Kitchen, home to seven exciting street food style retailers offering exciting food from across the globe in a vibrant market hall. From launch, Wharf Kitchen has been single-use plastic free with all retailers using compostable food-to-go packaging.  

The packaging is segregated and recycled creating high-value compost which we buy back and use across our landscape in a complete closed-loop process.


We are also working with food and beverage retailers and contract caterers within our buildings to remove plastic cutlery and stirrers from their front of house offering, replacing with alternatives such as compostable or bamboo-based materials. 



To incentivise a culture of reuse we have partnered with HELPFUL, a London based tech start-up that has designed a reward app to encourage people to live a plastic-free life.

Users collect coins each time they use their reusable cup, bottle, cutlery and bags at Canary Wharf which can be redeemed and spent in partner stores.

The app also identifies plastic bottles and coffee cups and guides the user how to recycle it. All waste receptacles across the Estate have been tagged so when a user scans a product the app directs them there to ensure it’s been recycled properly.