Eliminating Single Use Plastic at Canary Wharf - Making Sustainability Real


The average London adult buys an incredible 175 plastic bottles a year. At present, only 43% of the 13 billion plastic bottles sold each year in the UK are recycled, with 700,000 each day littered in the UK. 


Our Breaking The Plastic Habit Programme is making it easier for Londoners to both completely avoid plastic bottles altogether or ensure they are captured and recycled should they grab a drink on-the-go. 



We want using refillable water bottles to become the new norm for our visitors at Canary Wharf, however, we understand this can be problematic while on the go. To help, in September 2018 we installed seven refill stations across the Estate, giving you access to water on the go across our malls.



For the times our visitors forget their reusable bottles, we want to make sure that any single-use bottle purchased on the Estate is captured and fed into the plastic recycling market. You can now recycle your plastic bottles in our Deposit Return Vending Machine which rewards recycling with vouchers to spend in our partner stores.

Situated outside of Waitrose in Canada Place, the machine is the first of its kind in a UK retail environment, launched in June 2018, the machine uses 360-degree scanning technology to identify and segregate plastic bottles for onward recycling.


Our current reward partner CPress offers a 10p voucher for each CPress bottle recycled via the machine.



To incentivise a culture or reuse we have partnered with HELPFUL, a London based tech start-up that has designed a reward app to encourage people to live a plastic-free life.

Users collect coins each time they use their reusable cup, bottle, cutlery and bags at Canary Wharf which can be redeemed and spent in partner stores.

The app also identifies plastic bottles and coffee cups and guides the user how to recycle it. All waste receptacles across the Estate have been tagged so when a user scans a product the app directs them there to ensure it’s been recycled properly.