New Reward Partnership Confirmed For Deposit Return Scheme At Canary Wharf

Visitors to Canary Wharf can now recycle their single-use plastic bottles and cans using an innovative Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) which will reward recycling with vouchers to spend in partner stores. This is the first publicly accessible recycling machine in the UK and coincides with the Government’s announcement to crack down on plastic pollution.

Positioned in Canada Place, thousands of people who come to Canary Wharf will be able to recycle their single-use plastic bottles and cans in a simple, easy and efficient way.

CPress is the first official partner for the Deposit Return Scheme, with more retailers expected to follow as the campaign runs over the next 12 months.

The organic juice bar and coffee shop in Crossrail Walk, Canada Place, will be offering 10p off any purchase in-store when users recycle CPress bottles via the Deposit Return vending machine.

Currently, only 43% of the 13billion plastic bottles sold each year in the UK are recycled, with 700,000 littered each day. In Germany, 99% of plastic bottles are recycled after a similar Deposit Return Scheme was introduced there in 2003.

This automated machine uses an innovative 360-degree scanning recognition system to identify, segregate, collect and process waste drink containers, creating a resource from recyclates that would otherwise likely be incinerated or sent to landfill. 

The focus on plastic bottles is in direct response to the Estate-wide plastic audit Canary Wharf Group undertook earlier this year, which identified the items that stakeholders felt were the biggest plastic issues. The DRS forms part of a wider commitment to reduce the use of single-use plastics across the Estate, by aiming to positively influence consumer behaviour and plastic habits.

Martin Gettings, Group Head of Sustainability, Canary Wharf Group says, “We are proud to be the first in the UK to launch the Deposit Return Scheme to give our shoppers the opportunity to recycle their single-use plastic and metal. From our research, we know that visitors to the Estate want to do more for the environment. 

The CPress Team looks forward to its partnership with the Canary Wharf Group as a rewards partner during Recycle Week and future eco-sustainability initiatives. We are confident that our latest initiative will raise awareness and proactive participation by all stakeholders in Canary Wharf and beyond to reduce single-use plastic.
— Timothy Stevenson, Founder, CPress

This initiative follows on from the hugely successful ‘Wake Up And Smell The Coffee’ campaign launched last year to recycle coffee cups, lids and coffee grounds at Canary Wharf with 750,000 of coffee cups recycled instead of going to landfill.

You can find the Deposit Return Vending Machine and return your plastic bottles in Canada Place, just outside Waitrose.

Elizabeth Gaffney