The ‘#3Weeks’ campaign was the first project of the Breaking The Plastic Habit Programme. In direct response to stakeholder feedback, the initiative aimed to address the issue of plastic straws in the bars, restaurants on the Estate. Based on behavioural research that suggests it takes 3 weeks to break a habit, we asked retailers to join us in ditching the plastic straw during the campaign which ran from 5-25 June.

The campaign was a great success, with 85% of the bars, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops on the Estate pledging their support by refusing to serve single-use plastic straws. Commuters and shoppers were also encouraged to get involved by sharing their ‘Strawless Selfies’ on social media.

Canary Wharf are now working closely with retailers in an attempt to extend the #3Weeks campaign into a more permanent initiative. This includes helping retailers to identify alternative solutions to their current plastic straws, such as paper or biodegradable options.