Eliminating Single Use Plastic at Canary Wharf - Making Sustainability Real



On World Environment Day, 5 June 2018, we held a debate and built a cross-sector expert panel to engage, discuss and lead the plastic pollution conversation. With representatives from across key sectors that influence, or are influenced, by the plastic pollution issue, we kick-started the conversation.

As a result, our 12-month programme, Breaking The Plastic Habit, was launched to eliminate single-use plastic across Canary Wharf, pilot new technologies and encourage positive behavioural change.


Outcomes from the debate detailed the need to

Simplify, Educate and Collaborate.

Simplify: clarity and consistency in communication.

Educate: guidance and increased understanding of ways and reasons to break the plastic habit.

Collaborate: actively work together to achieve a strategic and coherent vision for plastics.


If you or your business are interested in supporting Breaking the Plastic Habit, contact us at sustainability@canarywharf.com